Community Response (Civil Defence)


“Community Response” is the new face of Civil Defence. It’s being rolled out across the Selwyn District, by the Selwyn District Council, as a result of the earthquakes. It is based on the Neighbourhood Support model where people share contact details and “check on their neighbors” in an emergency.

Each District has a “Community Response Team” and their role is to organise their area to “Get Ready” to look after themselves & each other, in an emergency. People are asked to give their contact details, and offered the opportunity to indicate any special Needs, Skills & Resources they would like to offer during an emergency. Details are recorded on a secure website called “Selwyn Gets Ready” – designed for this purpose.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact:

Sue Jenkins
Neighbourhood Support / Community Response Coordinator
Selwyn District Council

Phone: (03) 347 2800

Have YOU filled out the Neighbourhood Support/Civil Defence Questionnaire ?

Selwyn Civil Defence

Are you able to receive vital information during an emergency or event?

If not – please contact:

Ted Beer ph 03 3296 373 email:  (Tai Tapu Community Response Team)

or Sue Jenkins ph 03 3472 977,  (Selwyn District Council)

Please help get your TAI TAPU community ready to “look after each other” in an Emergency.